Opening Exhibition at Star Brewery Gallery

Paintings by Peter Messer, Andrew Fitchett and Tom Benjamin feature in the gallery’s first real-world show.

The Star Brewery Gallery on Castle Ditch Lane has opened for its first exhibition under the directorship of Neeta Pedersen. The gallery’s opening exhibition will feature paintings by Peter Messer, Andrew Fitchett and Tom Benjamin.

​Needa took over the exhibition space – previously known as the Hop Gallery – several months ago and intended to open earlier in the year before her plans were disrupted by the coronavirus ‘lockdown’. She subsequently launched an online exhibition ahead of opening the doors to the real-world show.

Visitors are can see the opening show until Sunday 2rd August 2020; the gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday 11.00am – 4pm and Sunday 12noon – 3pm. It’s closed on Mondays.

Currently only two visitors are allowed in the gallery at any time due to social distancing rules.

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