Dave Mounfield

We were sad to hear about the death of Dave Mounfield earlier this year.

Dave, who was known to many in Lewes for co-hosting and organising the monthly ‘Comedy at the Con’ evenings at the Con Club, died in March 2021 at the age of 50. He had been diagnosed with cancer.

David Mounfield was an actor, a comedian and a writer. He was part of sketch group The Ornate Johnsons, appeared as Mr Cooshay in This Is Jinsy on BBC3 and was probably best known for his role as Geoffrey the caretaker (plus Gerry the cafe owner and Jack the barman) in Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show on BBC Radio 4.

Dave was a guest in our January 2017 podcast. You can listen to the programme on our website audio player, find us via Apple iTunes, use our RSS feed, hear us on the Stitcher.com mobile app or download the MP3 file directly.

A video tribute to David Mounfield by friend and colleague Brian Mitchell

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